Teresa's Birthday 20/02/2010

In the evening I set off for Pattersons restaurant for Teresa's birthday meal. I was the first there at 7.15 pm and found that other folks were arriving at different times and that Teresa was still at home having returned to pick up her oyster card. However I was soon joined by Deidre, Funmi, Sandra, Chris and then Ali and Teresa arrived . The meal was very nice though took a surprisingly long time it was after 10 pm before we left. We took a short walk to Aqua and eventually got a drink at the rather posh circular bar. Certainly was a bit impressive, we met some more of Teresa's friends here including Sid. We stayed for a little while then headed off for another club, and then another jloo's or some such which was pretty impressive again with a descending ceiling, but the place was just far too busy, was jostled quite a bit and decided to call it a day and catch a taxi home.