Thunder Run 31/07/2010


Up and in the car and off early. Got to the campsite and registered quite easily despite there being a thousand people there sandy then set up the tent and I rested. We got our numbers on and tossed a coin to see who would go first. Sandy chose to go first and I took some video of the mass start. He was back very quickly in under 50 mins I would say. I set off and was a bit concerned first time round as I nearly twisted my ankle a couple of times as the course wound through woods with many tree branches helpfully painted white. Back in far too quickly in about 48 mins even though I was breathing through my nose to slow me down. Sandy was off again and I switched my shoes to the nike ones. The wider base seemed to prevent some of the stumbling from the first round. It seemed very quick before the wind up kitchen timer went off to signal it was time to get back to the start. So I would take the bag full of kit with me back to the start and swap it for the baton a luminous green wristband. The second lAP I shot round in 45 mins even though I still thought I was going slow. This had an effect on our position though as we were in 2nd place at this point. Again I would get in swap the baton for the bag, et quickly back to the car and rest up reading my book and trying to doze. I was wolfing down chocolate and energy drinks at the start but my food intake gradually tailed off. The third lap I slowed down a bit and did a lap over 50 mins. My legs had started to hurt at this point and I was having difficulty controlling my temperature and was constantly sweating even during the night. A few laps later I started to feel sick and was a bit concerned that I might be coming down with what had stopped me on the 24 track run. I stopped then at the food stall and got some crisps in case the problem was lost salt, this seemed to help. Although my legs ached they didn't ache too much on each lap and the nausea subsided I was doing well on getting rest often dozing off so didn't suffer as much as Sandy who was finding it difficult to recover in the shorter rest periods he was getting. Night time came around and I donned the headtorch, I thought I might get cold but I was sweating buckets each lap it felt like, and I was rapidly running out of kit. It wasn't too difficult getting round in the dark as we were used to the course by then. It was however good to see the sunlight again my energy levels definitely picked up at this point.
Sandy was beginning to slow down a bit with each lap, but my times had picked back up when the sun had risen and a torch was no longer necessary. This meant sandy got less rest each lap and I got more. We had lost our second place spot but we were third nearly an hour ahead of the people in 4th. But then sandy was quite slow on his tenth lap and when he came in he was unable to speak and looked shattered. I set off and was feeling stronger realising their could only be a couple of laps to go. I actually got in on the hour but sandy wasn't at the turnover point he was in the refreshment tent, he was done in and couldn't go on, he was afraid his old knee problem was coming back. I didn't want to push him to go on, and I realised there was no way I could do the next 4 hours and keep us in 3rd having just run a fast lap.. I would also have had to drive home after that. So we reluctantly quit as a team, sandy also had the UTMB to think about in a few weeks time. As I was feeling wie awake from the run we got packed up straight away and set off. I couldn't make it all the way back without pulling over for a ten minute kip though



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