Urban Adventure 10/07/2010

James, Adam and Jackie came round mine for the Mile End Adventure race. We dropped our kit and walked to the urban adventure base in mile end park uncertain what to expect. It certainly was warm though about 31 degrees. We had a go on the climbing apparatus before the start and there was a slight delay as we waited for the full 12 teams to arrive. Our first task was kayaking, we jogged to the start and pushed of early to get as many bonus points as possible for unusual rubbish found in the canal. We picked up a fire extinguisher and a bycyle wheel. We got to the shadwell basin and I swapped with Adam and he and James paddled around the marina looking for boat names and for ducks whilst myself and Jackie ran round the edge. Quite funny on the way back as James capsized when I shouted at him to stop and I swapped with him to get to the line dead on time. We then had some challenges, blindfold archery we nearly got the climbing challenge moving the bucket around the wall was quite easy for us, and we did the getting the pingpong ball out of the tube first go. We then had to cycle around Victoria park picking up clues, was made a bit more difficult by the fences for the lovebox weekend. Myself and Adam had a surprise when we found a nudist in the bushes at one point, we arrived back in good time then did the running section in super quick time. We seemed to be first back and had a little wait till they broke out the beer and the bbq, but was a very good deal for a tenner, eventually headed back to mine about 5.30 pm.