Waitangi day 06/02/2010

Up bright and early for Waitangi day, I was first one to the mitre pub near Holland park for the traditional breakfast. I was soon joined by Nick and I had the proper English breakfast, Steve as usual was a bit late, then we were joined by Graham and Claire who played frisbee. We walked up then to Notting hill gate and got some cans from the Tescos, which I secreted on my person, luckily it was not as cold as last year so the tactical drinking gloves worked fine. We certainly met a lot of interesting characters in some fine fancy dress. A lot of sheep were in evidence, but we needed Steve top explain some of the outfits. We pushed on then to high St Kensington were there was quite a crowd and a police presence on the side of the road. Gloucester road was our next stop and I met Andy from oktoberfest inside the pub there were I actually got a drink.. We pushed on then and met Stanna and Joan outside the parsons nose at the Zetland, Claire declared herself half a vegetarian and we speculated that she only ate the back end of animals. There was also a chap with a tube so me and Jono had a go. Pushed on then to Sloane square and it seemed a long walk till the relief of the toilets on the top floor of peter Jones, there was a rugby match in the square, but we arrived at a quieter time than last year. On the tube for the first time then and off to parliament square. The place was busier than last year, but strangely big Ben was not chiming so we did 't see a haka performed. Along then to lord moon on the mall where we got some food, for Graeme, then we checked out the Chandos and were reunited with Steve who had gone to play rugby