8thday Anniversary 22/10/2011

off in the evening to the 8thday 7th anniversary prohibition party. Got there early in the end even though it was on Battersea bridge road and met Johan. We went upstairs and soon started to be joined by regulars Paul and Joanne, sandy who had the same blow up gun. Most of the turkey crew, nick and felicity, Clare and Sharon. We initially drank out of tea cups a number of cocktails and there was a free bar which lasted till nearly 10.30 PM. There was a band that played appropriate music for the times and we could also gamble at roulette and blackjack. There was also a very good buffet with excellent chips. Did quite a bit of dancing and some power fisting then when it was the end of the party myself and Adam got a couple of beers and we headed off to charlottes house which was nearby. Sandy organised a beer drop and we used our phones for music, stayed quite a while it was 5am before me and Adam got home in a taxi.


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