Brecon Beacons 27/05/2011

Up early and Daniel, Adam and Johan were on tome to leave at 10 am. We drove to wales not very hopefully as the weather didn't look too good. however as we got into wales we were greeted by bright sunshine so we set up on wyndcyffe quarry's upper lift and were joined by Darran as well. we got quite a few climbs in. 8 managed to bully my way up an F6b+ that was strenuous and then nearly made an F6a+ following after Daniel. I just failed to clip the last runner, could touch it not clip it. After that we went along to the pub by tintern abbey for a drink before heading off to the talybont resrvoir. had a bit of fun finding it but there was still food left when we arrived and I got a very nice bunkroom with Steve ball, didn't drink too much for once
Up very early and drove all the way to pick up wetsuits then all the way back again to dinas rocks. I recognised this as a place I had gorge walked along 20 years ago with Erica and SP and black mountain activities. we waded through the water this time with our wetsuits on and we ploughed through a waterfall and scrambled through a tunnel in the dark. I climbed along a log which no one else got to do and we ended the day with a couple of jumps, one after a crawl under a waterfall. Got changed then back to the YHA and into running gear and set off with ross and sandy for a run in the drizzle that ended at pen y fan the tallest hill in the area. I managed to run up that all the way but was stumped at an earlier hill which was too slippy. the run was over 18 miles in the end and Ross was struggling a bit but I stayed with him and helped him home, while sandy went ahead to grab food. In the evening I drove folks down the pub where the football was on but we sat out the back by the canal for a quiet drink, we then drove back to avoid the rain with sandy in the boot. When we got back it was time to play the table game.
After breakfast the weather was still wet so the climbers went for a walk with some of the others it was a bit wet and windy interspersed with bits of sun. we came back then to get ice creams and I walked along the fence along the top of the reservoir. We then drove out with sandy and minus Johan to gilwern rocks with some spectators. it took us a while to find them but the guys managed to get two routes in. unfortunately my kit was locked in the room and Steve was off mountain biking withe key. it was very cold on the face with all the wind so I probably would have suffered while climbing. back then and we had some curry for our evening meal. In the evening we played the iPod game with tom and Adam then we played a drinking game that sandy wasn't very good at.
Up early and had breakfast then off to the local indoor climbing centre with Darran, Johan, Adam and Daniel to avoid the rain while the others went caving. It certainly was an impressive centre with some indoor limestone that was nice rock but perhaps a bit easy to climb, there was also a magic mushroom a monster and a dragon and dinosaur to climb on. The highlight though was a 7b route across the ceiling that was extremely strenuous. I got a long way but did manage to hurt my knee in the process. Afterwards we just drove straight back to London. it was a bit slow unfortunately due to traffic, roadwork’s and rain.


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