Bristol Climbing 02/05/2011

James was round ten minutes early and we literally flew to Bristol as the roads were empty due to the royal wedding we got to graces place in Bristol about 10minutes before Darran and Danny. we then all got in the cars with peter graces step dad and went to some local bolted routes, but I really struggled could not get more than two bolts in any route but at least we rescued the kit. so we headed off to wales and Wyndcliff quarry and the upper level 8 led a route and so did peter to put up two top ropes for the others. We then moved to the other end of the upper lift to put up some routes around F5 level called banarama and banana splits. We then all popped in the car and set off to Tintern abbey and the pub there which was great had some nice food there but just diet coke as I was driving. Back then to graces place and we bunked down in the conservatory for the night watching the telly.
Up early and there was a full breakfast for us by the time Adam arrived at 9.30pm or so. We headed out to wyndcliff quarry again and this time attacked the lower tier. And I put up a couple of tricky routes. We broke for lunch then and popped along to tintern abbey where I had two lots of ice cream. In the afternoon we explored to find black cliffs, which was a little overgrown but yielded a couple of good routes. I made a mistake on the 6a I led and didn't take enough quick draws then James’s attempt to throw me one was a bit comical so we used the beta stick in the end. Enjoyed both those climbs then we set off back to graces. After watching a bit of telly we got into my car to drive into Bristol. We stopped at one pub and had food which continued some gorgeous chunky chips. After food we popped back in the car to head into Bristol we first went in a very cool bar and sat outside near the dj on the decking drinking banana bread beer. We then pushed into Bristol city centre which was full of hen nights. We saw a device that pointed to the plants and a large silver ball after having had another drink in a fuller’s pub that grace had used to work at.
More breakfast cooked by Pete and then off to the climbing centre in Bristol that was a converted church. we had a good climb there was some very overhanging routes . I did a white 5c and a green and red 6a and another yellow 5c that was overhanging followed by a purple and yellow 6a that jumped from one wall to the other. James took a great swing from the route and then Danny also had a good swing. We then had lunch at the white lion next to the Bristol suspension bridge. We walked across it after and looked at the observatory. Then we bought some wine and chocolates for graces parents and went back to theirs to watch telly and say goodbye to Danny and Darran.
Up latish and yet another cooked breakfast. Then we popped into town and did some shopping were I bought some static rope. We also had ice creams and then met graces friend abbey before heading back in the car. it was a relatively clear journey and I dropped James at charring cross and grace at her place by the flyover.