Broads Fishing 04/03/2011

Ran home 5 miles got kit together and put the battery in the car. Drove to Horning without many problems and was met by Tim and tony in the car park of the ferry inn where they were moored and doing a bit of night fishing. I got a can of beer and joined in before retiring to the pub for a while to play guitar hero. We carried on fishing till nearly 2 am but with no success on the fish front.
We got up and had a great breakfast cooked by Craig. 0we then dro6ve about a bit stopping to fish occasionally it was very cold so I read the kindle a lot and finished my climbing book while doing some stretching. In the evening we moored up at salthouse broads and I jogged to the fur and feathers. Unfortunately the brewery was closed and the tables were all booked but this didn't prove a problem as we were able to get a table easy enough when we returned later. The meals were huge which would have helped to keep us warm but were so big they hampered the drinking of the lovely Woodford’s beers including Nog and Mardles and sundew.
Not up early had slept well though and got a nice warm shower. We cast off and headed back to the boatyard having sausage sandwiches made by Craig. When we got there we tidied up and Craig and Tim had a fish in the harbour. I left at that point and bought a shower at b and q on the way home but it was the wrong one.


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