Darran bbq 04/06/2011

Was surprised when Wendy called when I was in the shower, as I thought she was arriving at 10am. I got dressed supper quickly and we headed off to Darran's just making it on time but some other folks were late, so it didn't matter. We headed off to the train station and I bought the train tickets for the group to go to Watford junction where we met the others at the flag pub. We were quite a big group by the time we set off and we used latitude to meet sandy who had run up the canal. Carried along past places I recognised from the Tring to town race. we stopped at a pub with a climbing frame which was good and had a drink in the garden. On then to Darran's and we had a great time a bit of darts and balancing and then we watched doctor who with Cathy. Later after the BBQ we watched some of hot fuzz before retiring to the big tent of Darran's.
Unfortunately my bed went down in the night so didn't sleep to well. had a nice bacon butty and then walked along the canal to the fisheries inn for lunch. After that got a lift back to my flat with Sandy, Rob and Bryan