Greg's Birthday 03/09/2011

Rob arrived and I helped him move his kit in. I then went off to Namco to meet Greg and charlotte and Julia and friends for some dodgems and guitar hero and dancing we then ploughed along to las iguanas were I had a seat with, Carla, Julia, Nik, Richie and raj. also picked up Jacqui and David and Simon and Lydia and others after a lot of long island iced tea it was off to Belsize park on the tube where we met Steve and some others at the pub the golden gate. Here we got changed into whatever and then moved off to Hampstead heath to play zombies. it was quite dark on the heath and there were other folks about must have been interesting for the folks trying to have a BBQ in the middle of the playing field. the first game was quite simple so I got myself deliberately infected so I could wear the zombie mask, the whole evening was quite fun we one I donned black and just hid around the base of a tree for the duration, the nerf guns were interesting but I never really managed to fir mine and I gave it up. I did manage to get shot by Steve at one point as well after that it was back down the golden gate for a pint before heading home.