High Rocks 26/06/2011

Up early and off to south Woodford to meet Danny. we then drove out to near the m25 to meet Darran who gave us a lift to god station to meet Dan except we met David and we went on to find the crag while Darran and Danny rescued Dan from a broken down train. basset farm rocks was rather small and there was a small group of climbers there who left their rope in place for us to use while I rigged up a belay point from a tree with my new static rope and rope protector. The routes proved rather hard as they were both sandy and rather damp so I skidded around on both of them even though they were reasonable grades. Did get some good video footage though. after that it was on to high rocks were we a bit surprised it was ten pounds to climb but we did do some amusing routes one rather strenuous crack ruined my vest but I did manage the layback route with good style and did well on the smaller crack. Getting to the top without much difficulty. we finally climbed on the standalone buttress doing two routes one 4c and one 5a didn't do the 5a cleanly at the first attempt but went back and managed it on the second attempt we they called it a day and had a drink in the high rocks pub garden, before heading home.


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