John's birthday 21/08/2011

Up at a reasonable time and caught the train to Stanstead without problem. had a quick halve in the Weatherspoon’s but then met Hugo, Carolina, Rena and Anna in the queue for the plane. I had a bit of space as I sat on a row of seats with a very large American. We arrived and quite warm and muggy in Santander. john arrived as well and I got a lift back with john and Verena in johns new vauxwagon sirocco. we stopped at the big supermarket to pick up beer and stuff and I got a lot of coffee for the coffee machine that wasn’t in England. Verena made us a nice meal and we started to make a dent on the beers in john’s fridge which were past their sell by date. When the others went to bed I watched some of the dvds I had bought john a very weird one called taxidermia.
Got out and went for a long run at lunchtime about an hour and a half ran down to the river Ebro then along the main road till I got to the place where the road narrowed found a little bit of rock to climb on the way. Back then and got ready quickly to get in the car to drive to the lake. We got a nice spot and I had a nice carrimat to lie on and read my kindle. I even ventured into the lake very slowly but kept my hat and shades on. it was extremely warm and I needed a good bit of suntan cream on the way back we stopped in Polientes and had a drink in the old bar, and then did a bit of shopping which of course involved an ice cream. Back then to the house and we had very nice paella made by Verena. After the others went to bed I watched universal soldier resurrection and started the a team
Up early and off to see wine, we drove to abalomas and also stopped in Hora and had a few beers in a different square to last time. We waited for the tourist information office to open butt they weren’t much help so we went back to see Jesus. The thermometer in the courtyard said forty two degrees it was warm. I almost enjoyed the red wine at the wine tasting and the others bought a number of cases we then drove back it got quite dark and then chucked down. The sat nav took us o an interesting route over the top after a bit of a navigational error on my part. we got back quite late and just had snacks for dinner, which was fine as I had had a whole ice cream to eat during the day. After the others went to bed I did the washing up and watched gi joe.
John’s birthday got up reasonably early and while the others were having cake, I went for a run towards Rocamundo and picked up the gr ninety nine, did about an hour. Back then off out after getting some petrol after the car was on zero range we set off to find a place by the river. we tried one place which was nice there were lots of locals and a painting competition and a bar with ice cream but we relocated to the spot by the bridge to Monticello, but we gave this up as well as we had no access to the water easily and went back to the lake. not quite as warm this time due to a cooling wind. I didn’t go in this time but went for a stroll around the lake and found a small clump of rocks and had a quick climb. back then and I explored further and found a bar just behind were we were on the beach hidden by the trees we relocated there by car for a few very small beers and an ice cream of course. On the way back we were delayed by a cycle race that closed the roads. But this gave me time to programme in a special BBQ playlist for johns birthday BBQ. There certainly was plenty of well-cooked sausages and steak. We didn’t go short we also played the German game with the numbered cards. Later after a brief and exciting shower with lots of lightning we moved inside and. played the iPod game for quite a while, I then did the washing and watched Sherlock Holmes.
Got up watched the end of Sherlock Holmes, then went for a short run retracing my route of the previous day but I stayed on the road as it was still a bit wet from the previous day. After about five miles a quick shower and then some of johns specialty breakfast which was very nice then after reprogramming johns satellite device we set off for the trip to the airport in Hugo’s car which was a pleasant journey of about an hour. We checked in with no problem but unfortunately not much to buy in the airport.