Mark's Stag Do 12/03/2011

Got up very early and got to Liverpool Street for 8am and after a bacon roll caught the 8:30 am train to Norwich. The others joined at Colchester including Guy who had just flown out of Japan 3 hours before the earthquake hit. We got to Norwich and after a bit of discussion we caught the bus to the fat cat and after a quick jog from the bus stop I joined Derek who had organised the route in the pub which had 27 beers. Steve also joined us with the aid of his old star tak phone. We pushed on then to the second pub which had a jukebox so we played Hawkwind the first record Mark ever bought. Taxis took us to the third pub and Steve introduced us to snuff and a very hot sauce that was 6.4 million scovilles. We ploughed on through a number of pubs then had a Malaysian buffet which was great. All the pubs Derek had picked where exceptional. At the last one we had to bid farewell to the stag as they caught the train home. Myself, Steve, Derek and Trevor were left and then eventually. I Steve and Trevor made it back to the holiday in at Carrow rd.


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