My Birthday 15/10/2011

off to Victoria to meet Steve and Laura. Found Steve in the Weatherspoon’s and we had a pint. Then we set of on the tube and got off at Stamford brook and walked to the pub the Duchess of Cambridge we got a drink then Steve gave me a poster that invited me to the Jim beerfest which was upstairs. Then I went into a darkened room and surprise loads of folks were there with poppers. Steve had done a brilliant job there was a stereo with sandy on mc, all the beermats had pictures of me on them, and there were two cakes. Christine, Bruce, guy, Teresa and most of eigthday were there and there was beer on draught brilliant. I got cakes and cards and chatted to as many folks as possible, was great fun, Simon, grant, Sarah etc. were there and most of the Turkey crew. The highlight was a hat with sharks with laser beams. After we had drained all the beer we went to the Grand Union pub and drank till much later. I finally got a cab home with Adam.