Portland 30/07/2011

Up bright and early, Jackie, Daniel and James were all around for eight am and we set off across London with little problem. after we left the M27 we has a problem as all the roads went yellow and red on Google maps but we got through it and chased Darran and Adrian into the sea barn venue and parked the cars at the campsite. We set up our tents and then we shot to bumper lane and parked the car. We hadn’t done much climbing when, nick, David and Phil arrived within minutes of each other. We had a bit of a problem with Danny and Lisa who headed into a quarry. But then we were all together. We got quite a bit of climbing done including one route rock lobster which we did to the song. I then had a go at a climb which was a rather long crack, but I failed to make it up the crack itself I had to go to the right to get the protection in at the top. Jackie later managed to climb it on top rope. We finally climbed another route on a separate wall then shot off back to the campsite to put up Lisa and Danny’s tent we then headed back into Weymouth and found a large ghurka curry restaurant were we had quite a feast for about fifteen pounds a head. Back to the campsite then about midnight. it wasn’t the best night sleep I had ever had as I didn’t have my blow up bed, but I wasn’t kept awake by a baby crying like the others.
Up earlyish and managed to leave the campsite about nine thirty. we popped into Portland then and after a few detours we found the cafe where we had a great breakfast including some porkers. Then to battleship back edge. It was quite busy when we got there but we managed to string up four routes. In between a group of women and a group of children. Then we managed to grab the long five route on the bigger cliff. Jackie got up it fine and I went up on the top rope afterwards, would have liked to have led it. After a while we got onto the routes on the edge and they went well, in fact I don’t think I fell al day which probably means I wasn’t trying hard enough. By five thirty we had had enough though and myself, Daniel James and Jackie set off back to the car, we may it back alright though a bit slowly at times and we played name that tune with the theme tunes on my phone. I dropped them all back at embankment in one piece


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