Santa Crawl 10/12/2011

back to the George for the start of the Santa pub crawl. The Santa pub crawl certainly well attended and my Viking beard went down a treat. There was also and elf and a tree that were very popular. I had my photo taken a number of times. We actually went from the George to the Wheatsheaf which was now open, and I quickly got served which was lucky. From here we went to the Horniman at hays, quite a few people struggled to get served here but I was early again and got me and Adam a beer. Met Nazel bones here who had a lively group of friends. From the Horniman it was along to the barrow boy and banker which was the last stop of the crawl. After this sandy and Adam phoned from the reflex and I went along and got in, but I lost the party spirit when I had taken my Santa suit off, so left pretty quickly it had been a long day.


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