Sussex Weekend 21/01/2011

Left work at 3pm, and got all my stuff in the car and set off for just after 4pm, nevertheless, still crawled to the Blackwall tunnel. Once I was through it however it was plain sailing to get to the high sports climbing wall. It had changed a bit since I was last there and I had to change my address from my Witham one and take a belay test. Adam arrived shortly afterwards and then Johan. We did some feature work on the ropes and moved on up to a stiff overhanging route, which defeated me. We finished off on a steep overhanging training wall. off then to the youth hostel at Blackboys. Zoë was organising the weekend and was there already with Richie and. few others. Jenny, and Juzar and James and where there from the normal crew then there were quite a few new folks. Had a few beers but didn't stay up too late before retiring to the bunk beds with the hot water bottle supplied by the centre.
Woke up fine and got wrongly accused of snoring like a scooter. Had some crunchy nut cornflakes then myself Adam and Johan set off for Bowles rock. We were pleasantly supplied when we got there. We paid up our £3 and where the first to hit the rock. our first move was a 4b this needed a bit of friction but it was a bit wet and made it quite difficult, the next route a 4c was better. We then changed the rope to the next pitch and we tried a 5a but it was far too difficult at the top and none of us managed the last moves. We then popped off to a very nice country pub where the rest where and had some lunch or a nice bucket of chips in my case. it unfortunately started to drizzle when we got in the car so we headed off to the evolution climbing wall. This was just a bouldering facility but had some walls with feature like qualities and a long traverse around the centre that I managed. We also played some games trying to get along on some feature only challenges. When we were pretty knackered we headed back and tried out the Blackboys inn which was our destination for the night, before heading back to the centre. In the evening we headed to the centre in a minibus and took our seat at some tables that we had to rearrange. I enjoyed some fine Harvey’s ales during the night and the 3 course meal included in the price of the weekend was too much for me to handle. So I had to have coffee rather than a knickerbocker glory. Back then to the centre and some games of table football and jenga before bed time. up early in the morning and after breakfast we set off for Harrison’s rocks. Unfortunately that was a bit too wet to climb so we headed off to high rocks and had some coffee and lunch there before paying £3 to look at the rocks. There were tall and interesting but the protection would have been by tree. Also they were quite slimy so we set off home.


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