Swanage 31/06/2011

Didn’t have time to run home after work. Got back and got in the car with sandy and Daniel, we set off about 7.30 pm. we had a detour at junction 4 to pick up David and then set off for Swanage. We got a bit delayed when we found the sat nav was taking us to the ferry and we had to back track. We still got to the campsite in time to enjoy a pint or two and to hear the wonderful karaoke with Danny, Lisa and Darran who had arrived earlier. We then settled down to a fairly comfortable night in the yurt after a bit of indoor Frisbee.
Up about 9 ish and got our act together gradually before heading into Swanage for breakfast at the windjammer cafe. After a full English we got in supplies at budgens then drove to the car park nearest dancing ledge. we walked down with our kit then for about 20 mins crossing the Jurassic coast path we would have run across. we set up for two routes a 5+ and a 6a+ I led up the 5a+ and made it though the top was a bit desperate grasping some tiny projections of flowstone on the mantelshelf which contained the belay point but 8 made it. However Daniel was less lucky on the 6a+ he took a shortfall from just above protection so didn't fall far but he unfortunately bashed his knee, which put him out of action for most of the day. we moved on then and I led a couple of more 5+'s at dancing ledge before setting off for Hedbury quarry which was just 600 metres further along the Jurassic coast path. Here Danny did his first outdoor lead on a 4 to the sound of Metallica. I led goddamn sexual tyrannosaurus a 5 and then we moved along to the more scenic routes on the cliff edge and got some good photos. Daniel even managed to hop up an easy route and Darran went for a swim. Back then to the campsite to regroup and meet up with nick Davies who was down from Bristol. Then we went into town and found a nice Chinese restaurant to have a meal at. After the meal we popped along to a local pub for a pint and there was a band and Santa Claus in the audience. Back then to the campsite we missed last orders and were soon asleep in the yurt.
After another good night’s sleep in the yurt we were up slightly earlier and had breakfast at the campsite pub to save time. we split our forces then as myself and David took Daniel back to the train station while sandy and crew got supplies and Danny and Lisa met us later at winsppit quarry. This was much busier, but we found an easy route in the corner which I put up then I put up the 6a next to it with one rest. round the corner then and I finished of the 5+ mackerel route for David and then back to the very start of the quarry were I put up a 6a climb that involved a lot of laybacking without much difficulty. Then we queued a bit and I put up a very long 5 route for our final effort of the day. We then climbed the hill for a well-earned drink in the square and compass pub before the long drive back to London and an interesting detour to avoid the Blackwall tunnel at the last minute.


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