Turkey 10/09/2011

Up earl finished packing and set off to Gatwick early as I thought nick and Sean were at the airport watching the rugby I got there really early and shot through the new security at Gatwick really quickly. Got a seat in the Weatherspoon’s and people gradually joined me for a beer. The flight on Thomas cook was pretty professional we had a telly and I watched source code and battle los Angeles half way through I was sitting between debs and Sharon and sandy was behind me so we had two bottles of champagne. Didn’t quite finish my movie before getting to turkey. There was quite a long wait for the bags. But the transfer was quite quick. Did have some time to drink tequila with sandy on the back seat of the coach. Sandy and me also skipped the registration process and went straight to the bar as it was now about ten thirty. Had a good night in the bar drinking Efes.
Got up about eleven thirty and went for a run into the local town was quite warm. Went climbing when I got up around the cliff edges I kept getting forced a bit higher and the rock was very crumbly on the way back a large rock I was standing on started to fall from the cliff and I had to jump for it but I was ok if a bit scratched. Then did about five miles in total past the Akkum beach club and on into Sigacik and the marketplace and harbour before turning back. And then managed to catch a spot of lunch which was inclusive then a bit of tennis with sandy, but it was a bit windy and sandy was not a natural at tennis. We then played water volleyball which was quite tiring. And we were quite cold by the end of the game. Time then for happy hour in the bar. And then after a few drinks we showered and back for the inclusive meal. This was on a terrace for the twenty five of us and was very nice I was opposite Lucy the osteopath. After dinner we moved down to the beach bar and a quiz started up I was on a team with nick Steve Leo and Julia when she arrived. We were good at general knowledge but not so good at music and sport. There were also some activities involved including dancing where Leo took his top off and a limbo game. we stayed up quite late and then started playing a drinking game with Sandy’s tequila eventually that led to me Leo Marie Suzie sandy and Adrian jumping in the pool.
Up late ran towards Teos and found a ruin but not much else. Though did see some red squirrels and some strange street lights which didn’t have roads with them. back to the pool and went kayaking with sandy, Rachel and Suzie though Rachel and Suzie only paddled as far as the pontoon myself and sandy went exploring trying to find climbing spots going up and down the coast. Played some social tennis when I went to the courts with Sharon. then it was time for more water volleyball which again was great fun, some happy hour beers afterwards and then we met by the gate to catch a bus into Sigacik. we wandered round and found the liman restaurant which had tables all along the dog I was on a table with matt and Caroline and Andrew and we had some raki to drink as well as meses, and shish kebab. back in a taxi then and back to the bar it was quite a quiet night after that the girls that had remained had already gone to bed we played a bit of cards before going to bed.
Ran with sandy for six miles at lunchtime through Sigacik then we went for a kayak with our climbing shoes and we got to an area where we could climb and started but we got stopped by the reps in a speedboat. Afterwards played a bit of Frisbee by the pool with Adrian Leo and Julia and tried balancing on a surfboard. Then we had a very good game of volleyball. With sandy, Andrew, Julia, Leo and some other guests frank, Ed, Chris. Then quickly ran to dinner where I sat next to Bella and her doctor fiend at the end of the table. Later there was a cake and card for Julia. Back then to the beach bar and some Turkish dancing myself Leo and James had to get up and dance with the belly dancer which was fun. After that me, sandy and Lucy got in a drinking game with the tennis coach and the volleyball guys. Ramos the big Russian coach turned the game to bunnies and Lucy lost quite a bit off to the disco then and had a pretty good time. they played some good music Ramos led us in a dance of this is time for Africa. Some young girl jumped on me but I didn’t know how to do dirty dancing. I got scissor kicked to the floor by frank and we all bundled on top of sandy a couple of times. Lloyd also gave me some vodka and coke to keep me going. Later my room was invaded by frank Lloyd, Emily and sandy and in the morning found someone’s keys flip flops and torn shorts in the bedroom.
Up later ran further about eight miles. Had to stop for a coke and ice cream in Sigacik on the way back was properly hot. Then went for a bit of a kayak with Julia so she could swim to the promontory. Then it was water volleyball after a bit of pyramid building with Lucy, Steve and sandy. Then we had a cracking real volleyball session that lasted for about two hours, was me sandy and Andrew against, Lloyd, frank and Ramos in the end. they were better than us but wasn’t a bad game. got changed and had a nice dinner managed to eat a lot of fruit. we retired to the bar and played cards with Julia, lea, Steve, Steve James and Leo. This eventually turned into the name game the girls team won everyone else then went to bed by midnight.
Long run into the next town over ten miles in total. Senrihiser. I got a diet coke and an ice cream when I got there then ran home again. In the afternoon swam out to the pontoon with a lifejacket then back again, a bit out of practice. Had a really good game of volleyball later. We even played doubles briefly with me and lolly, best volleyball we have ever played, were beating a team of three by about thirteen two. In the evening played pool with sandy Marie, Lucy and Leo. The table was a bit lopsided. Later it was karaoke which was quite fun. We did don’t stop believing. and then I did ring of fire but it was hard work. Stayed up till about two
Didn’t run very far just too local town. But I did put on my eighties kit to do so. Kayaked to pontoon and escorted Steve back to shore. Earlier had tried to go into town to the market on the bus but waited over half an hour. Luckily water volleyball was played where I managed to foul sandy by splashing him. but at six o’clock there was just me playing volleyball for eigthday but me Chris Ramos and Emily put up a good show winning two games. in one we won eleven points in a row of my serve. The other we came back to win after thirteen five down. ran back then to change into my eighties don Johnson gear from Miami vice, turned out nick had the same idea, and there were two Freddy mercury’s and two people from top gun James and Andrew. There was certainly a lot of neon in evidence amongst the girls. After dinner there were many of the bar staff in eighties gear and then there was a presentation for all the sports. Though no eighth day winners. Adrian did however win a dance of for best dressed eighties character with a cartwheel. I then donned my reflective top which caused a number of compliments. On then to the moonlight club where there was a lot of power fisting. And we generally got incredibly hot. I finally left about three am having escorted Leo safely up the steps.
Hard work getting up at eight am and getting packed and checked out for going to Adaland. the journey was about an hour and I spent most of it asleep. I probably wasn’t feeling as bad as Adrian and Leo, but sandy appeared still drunk. Steve, Steve, James, Suzie, Rachel, Marie and Bev were along as well. We got there and after sorting out a meeting point near some deck chairs we set of and tried the v shaped slides then the black hole and then had races five a time down the white slide. I then missed the others going down the big slide and then found I didn’t have enough money for the dolphin show, but then the wave machine came on which was great fun and then we all danced in the aqua party, only shame was that they played the wacca wacca just as we were leaving. Back to the compound then and caught my diary up on the way. Back into club teos and then just time for cheesy chips before heading back to the buses. Slept in the back on the way to the airport, got some Turkish delight. Flight back was uneventful unfortunately plane was a bit older and we didn’t get to finish outbound movie so I watched Thor again.



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