Waitangi day 05/02/2011

Up early and off to Holland Park and the Mitre pub. Nick was there for breakfast Steve was off course late. We met him in the Tesco’s getting beer. We joined the throng and it was a very good turnout for the event I would say. The weather was kind and nowhere near as cold as the previous year. We mossied along the route spotting a lot of interesting costumes on the way then met Laura and found a Frisbee. We ploughed on and had sausages by the Zetland then we got there early to Sloane square then took the tube to Westminster. I popped in the pub for a pint then quickly got out and got some video of Steve doing the Hakka. Then returned to the pub and finished y beer. Met the others and had a beer at the moon on the mall. We then went to the Thai garden and had a very nice meal before I set off home and met Marco on the tube with his Viking outfit.


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