Wakeboarding 16/07/2011

Was chucking down as I was about to leave the flat so delayed my departure for Jonny's wakeboarding party. Arrived on the train to Taplow about 3pm and the weather had cleared up significantly. in fact there was only one brief shower that was about 2 mins in length so we were very lucky. Even got some really blue sky's later for some photo's. I changed into my big Lebowski outfit of dressing gown and shorts and got a drink in my hand and started to enjoy the party. There was a bbq and also a trampoline. We were able to get some good shots with the camera with beans and Sarah and Roberta. And then watched other people wakeboarding for a while before we got onto the fun and games. The first event was trying to balance on the inflatable. I could hang on but when I stood up I didn't last long. bodydragging with sandy went first then I went from a standing start. Steve invented going on your back and then I shortened the rope considerably and lost my shoes as they were dragged off by the force of the water. There was then a freestyle section when folks went with blow up dolls. Sandy lost his and it drifted off. Laura, Lisa and Laura went as three with not much success at staying on. Lastly it was throw tomato's at Jonny luckily I managed to hit him with the very last tomato and caught it on camera. back inside then and the games was lunge for the clunge which involved sticky tape and a tennis ball before finally catching the train home as I had managed to hurt my finger, probably while sharing the rope with sandy. Caught the train to Paddington with Steve and Laura.