8thday Summer Party 21/07/2012


I got up reasonably early and after a little more gaming I set off for Wandsworth common and the 8thday summer party. I got there a bit late getting off at the wrong train stop, but i was still quite early with just Simon from Frisbee and Abby there. However lots of folks arrived shortly after. Ree, Marie, sandy, Claire, Steve, Laura, matt, Adam, Sonio, Alex, Rachel etc, etc. my leg seemed to hold up from the injury the day before and I was able to run about a bit but it was hard work. Played catch and then Frisbee then had a knockabout at tennis with a new girl. Ross then broke out the sumo suits and we tried to slide along with water and washing up liquid. I didnít get quite as far as Ross, but nearly, I then attempted. Blindfold sliding which didnít go so well on my first attempt. There was also skittles in sumo suits and some wrestling. We then had a big game of Frisbee and then some softball. We then retired to the hope where we saw Julia and Carla who had just been skydiving.


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