Adrenalin Quarry 05/10/2012


I was up early and finished packing for the adrenalin quarry, Simon made it round early and we watched gangnam style on YouTube till Annabelle arrived. This time I cut through London and it worked well and we had an easy ride on the M4. We stopped briefly for lunch on the M5 and then ran into a lot of rain. We attempted to drive across Dartmoor but the roads were tight and Lorries and coaches got jammed slowing us down, the visibility was also low which meant we didn't see the scenery we had hoped for. We arrived in Liskeard and I found I was sharing a room with Nigel; we had an hour break then went across to the Liskeard tavern to eat our dinner. The others gradually arrived, Daniel, Susie, Caroline, Claire, Bryan, Nicola, Leo, Adrian, debs and Phil were in a separate car which arrived just too late as the pub had closed.
Up bright and early and had breakfast in the Liskeard tavern which was very nice. We got into convoy and then found that the adrenalin quarry was only 5 minutes away. The first event of the day was coasteering. We got changed at the portacabin with all the kit and we were a bit surprised to be given wetsuit boots, I stuck on all my body armour, football shorts and neoprene socks gloves and hat. So I was still toasty at the end while the others were suffering a bit. We swam out into the quarry to a number of jump sites. I liked the 2nd and 3rd sites but the other two that you had to get to via a long climb were a bit too dangerous for me and Nicola did hurt herself a bit when she went forward. I had numerous goes off the lower level one, jumping in gangnam style. After this we went to the blob and I had to chase Daniel along the blob, i bounced him off and managed to get to the end before the next person bounced me off. We then had goes of the blob probably, climbing out to the end then someone about 20 kg heavier would jump from the tower. It was great fun and people ended up at all sorts of angles. Debbie landed on her back and was winded and in a bit of shock for a few minutes.. After this we got dry and went to a local restaurant that did two meals for tenner before returning to do the zip wire. I went down the wire with Simon and got my camera out to video, then videoed the others coming down, the ride was good but you did tend to go backwards a lot. I also lost my hat, but I did have a spare. Next up was the swing. I gave my go to Debs who was really keen, as I don't want to get used to falling as a climber. The best screams came from Claire and then Adrian and Debbie did it backwards. We then went back to the hotel for a bit off a rest and I ordered cabs for 7pm. We drove into Looe and after a little bit of a walk round found a nice restaurant that easily accommodated us all. After a good feed we headed to the quayside inn which was an upstairs bar with a mini disco so we did some dancing and we did some Sambuca’s. We got to dance gangnam style and Caroline met a very drunk local. After that we went onto Looe' best nightclub. Here we had more shots and Leo had a bit of a problem with one of them which left a very slippy spot on the floor. we danced on and I managed to spot it was nearly two and got everyone ready to leave unfortunately by the time Leo got out of the toilet the whole club had left ahead of us and we had quite a wait to get a taxi, when one finally came I hid in the seatwell to get an extra person in.
We were up for breakfast about 9.30 and drove to the Eden project. We all got in with the reduced tickets we got from the hotel and we set of an had a look at the Mediterranean dome where I had an ice cream and then on to the amazon dome which was really hot. We even managed to get onto the viewing platform and take some shots from above. We decided there was not much time to do the zip line so I just bought some chill chocolate and some chilli sauce and we set off home. The journey was going really well I was going a bit faster than the trip up but we hit an accident on the way into London. And this slowed us down quite a bit. I dropped Simon and Annette at embankment and got home before 9pm.


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