Angelsey 05/04/2012


Adam arrived a little past the 9.30am deadline but we got round the congestion charge zone to St John wood with little problem and we met Johan who was a little late himself. We pushed up the M1 and apart from a long stretch of roadwork’s had no problem. We got to Trevor rocks without a hitch and found that there was still a lot of snow on the ground and there was a lot of slipping and sliding as we climbed up the approach. We got to the face and set up on the first bolt we could find this didn't have a listing in the book however so we didn't know what grade it was. It didn't prove a problem however. We shifted across to two more routes a 4 and a 5. Adam and Johan got up the 4 with little difficulty but there was a mantle on the 5 that was a bit risky, so I ended up having to repeat that rout to get my gear back. Adam and Johan then redid the route on top rope with no problem. Darran, Debbie, Kyrstie and Jo arrived. Darran had a go at leading the 4 but didn't get quite to the top, he and Jo both did it easily on top rope and then Darran did the 5 on top rope. Darran's car left before ours and we left about 6 pm and headed for the local pub the White Eagle where I had some very nice cheesy garlic bread and chips. We then headed back to the very nice hostel at Outdoor alternative. I got a single bed sharing in a room with Sandy. The others gradually arrived from their long drive but a lot of folks where in bed just after 12 after such a long drive.
I got up and got some coffee before orienteering. The instructors came to the hostel and we split into teams of 6. I was with Darran, Debbie, Steve, Sean and Christian. The first challenge was an IQ test that we did pretty well on. Our team were the last to set off but because Sean knew a shortcut we were soon in the lead. We picked up runic symbols and riddles on the way round and we were soon very close to the other teams as we bunched up when the clues were hard to find. We declared a truce for lunch and stopped at the Seacroft one of the clues, all except for Sandy’s team which pushed on to the final abseil. Unfortunately there was quite a wait to abseil down and get the pigeons egg and we got a bit cold, but there was a final bit were we had to guide the egg into its nest with some half pipes. We then got a lift with another team back to the hostel. Here there was a final game where we had to throw the egg and catch it. I paired up with Steve and we easily won the first round when I was throwing and we were last left when Steve was throwing but I did get hit by the egg. Dinner was at 7pm and was very nice with sponge with ginger biscuits. In the evening most of us stayed in the hostel and we played a bunnies and another drinking game which was driving orienteered, where we had to crash and all sorts.
Today was coasteering day so I had some coffee and some crunchy nut cornflakes for breakfast. We drove in convoy to the place with me in Deb's car we immediately lost Sean however and then lost Mark and charlotte on the way. We got to the place and donned wetsuit's goggles and i also had my hat gloves and neoprene socks so I was pretty warm compared to the others, we walked then down to the beach and popped into the cold water. There was a lot of scrambling which I enjoyed and only the last jump was too high. Sandy did it ok, but Marie didn’t land right and looked like she would have had a painful landing. Back to the hostel then were we meet Adam and we set off in the car with Johan and Jo to castle inn quarry were the rocks back onto the car park. We climbed the easy one on the main face. Then found a new face where we did all the routes. Jo even led her first climb outdoors and then did another for the final climb I backed the car up and put the music on. Back then to the eagle pub and then I dropped off the others before returning to grab a car space. I went for the cheesy garlic bread and chips then followed this up with sticky toffee pudding. Back to the hostel then and had a few beers but not too may before retiring.
We were up early again for kayaking. This time I drove Adam and Steve to the center. We had sit-on top kayaks for the kayaking and some folks were in Canadians, there was about 15 of us in total. We splashed about a bit and fell in then went along the coast aways before playing some more games and seeing if we could get all of us in the catamaran made from 2 kayaks. We couldn't it sank. We then headed out and tried to get through some bits in the rocks before a long haul back to join the catamarans which I quite enjoyed as my kayaking was going well. We arrived back and played a little Frisbee and through the rugby ball a bit, before I went for a run but only a short one maybe 3 miles. Sandy's long run had gone well the day before and we were now committed to the Oner in two weeks’ time. Dinner was at the hostel and then we had to try and finish off the beers that were left. Me, Adam, Christian and Ree made the best efforts and then we played a bit of Frisbee in the other chalet before retiring.
Up early to be out of the hostel. It was raining pretty heavily so Snowdon was out of the question so I drove Adam and Johan to the beacon climbing centre which was about an hour away; we did some bouldering and then some top roping on feature only routes one of which was maybe a 6b up a crack. We also lead a few routes of easy grades. We broke for lunch and had some nice chilli then did a few more routes before setting off for the long haul to London. It rained almost continuously making driving very difficult but we got back safely via the M25 with no incidents and I dropped Johan at mile end.


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