Bacchus Half Marathon 09/09/2012

I got up early and was at Victoria before 9am I waited a bit in case any others showed but I didn't see any so caught the 9.38. The journey took 50 minutes and then when I got out at Dorking I found James, Sandy, Marie, Ree and Claire were on the train, we also met Jude just outside the station and walked to Denbies in extremely hot weather. We got there just in time to see Andrew and Tom before the marathon started. We also met up with charlotte and found Jacob and Jason. We registered and myself and sandy changed into our duff men outfits, Claire was Batwoman, Marie was a fairy, Ree was a nun, and Jude was a bee. We set off with grapes and all sorts of other fancy dress outfits. We didn't go too fast and myself and sandy stayed back with Marie who had never run more than 6 miles before, Sandy had a spray to spray her with and a six pack of beer to keep him going. I settled for 4 samples of wine at the first stop and at the second. Then I upped it to 5 shots and then 6. There was quite a long hill at one point so we ended up walking for quite a while and where joined by James and Jude. There were a lot of people who took advantage of the sponge down at one of the stops it was so hot. We met up with Andy and then Tom who caught us up and we upped the dosage to about 9 shots at the last stop. We crossed the line and me and sandy got socks for spot prizes. Afterwards there was a hog roast for all the runners which was really welcome and there was of course more drinks available. We stayed for a while to watch people finish then walked to the station but then got stuck in the pub by the station for a few drinks. We eventually left when Judes cab arrived. A very good day.


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