Darran Party 09/06/2012


I got up and set off with Rob to Darran's walk before his BBQ unfortunately Rob's car broke down so we got towed back to Stepney. I went for a quick 2 mile run in the five fingers and then Nick came round and we set off in my car for Darran's. We got there just before folks arrived from their walk. The BBQ kicked off and there was plenty of food. Also shots started to make an appearance. Jo, Matt and Caroline, Julie, Charlotte, Tim and Jane, Louise, Steve, etc etc were there. Shots started to make an appearance then we played a few games. The most popular was volleyball with the giant ball. The time flew by and we only had to rescue the ball from the canal a few times. There was a cake for Darran and then we moved inside for a bit, at one point rob was taped to one of Darran's friends but he fell over and cut his head. He was quite drunk and when it was time to go home we couldn't convince him to come, Myself and Nick got back no problem.