Des's 50th 14/07/2012

In the evening it was off to my big fat Greek restaurant near elephant and castle for Des's surprise 50th birthday. I got there for spot on 7.30 as it was really easy to find even though it was covered in scaffolding. I thought I would be early but lots of folks were already there. There was a very big turnout with 2 huge tables probably over 50 in total. I saw some folks I hadn't seen for a while such as Steve Aggott, some more familiar names as well such, as Chris and Sarah, Karl and hazel, Christine, bill, Pete, Jon, the starter was traditional Greek dip with pitta bread. Then the main course was a huge chunk of meat, kebab in my case. And there was a cheesecake like pudding washed down with large bottles of Keo a Cypriot beer. There was also entertainment. A couple did hits from the 80's and could belt out a tune or two so a certain amount of dancing ensued. Jackie had done a fine job of organising this celebration for Des and Des looked like he had really enjoyed himself.


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