Dragonfest 17/06/2012

I got up about 9 am and drove to the Mill Hotel in Sudbury which was really nice and had the water wheel in the dining room. Steve then drove from the event to pick me up and we were still back at the Dragonfest beer festival before the official start time. It was a bit windy there was quite a lot of effort involved in holding down the awnings. I helped Steve and Trevor on the bbq mainly holding down the gazebo while Steve attempted to cook on a not very warm bbq. There were two real ales on offer Guzzler and another. I had a good go at the Guzzlerr. There were two bands on that did quite a few good covers, when there equipment was not being blown over. At the end of the day I purchased quite a bit of booze to take to parties and the like. We got a lift back then to our hotel and we then set off into town. We didn't get very far as the first pub had a really good band, we did go for a curry afterwards. My Vindaloo was a little ambitious.


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