Fontainebleau 12/10/2012


I left work early to pack for France, I didn't run home as my heel was hurting a bit. I got packed and ready and then off to the bridge near Adams to meet the boulderbus. Adam, Liam, David and Johan were along. And we met some new folks on the bus, Chris, flora and Emily and there were a couple of Alex’s. Ian was also along who I had known for years from beer festivals and climbing. We got ourselves settled in on the bus and watched a couple of climbing videos. We picked up David at the services at Maidstone. And we also had to get out of the bus at the ferry, we played some shooting games and walked about on deck and talked a bit. After we got back on board I hopped into my top bunk and read a bit of my Jerry Moffatt book before falling asleep. I slept quite well and was only woken up when we got to Fontainebleau and it was time for shopping at the local Boulangerie.
We got to the campsite and we made a decision to go to the nearest place the gorges du chat. This proved a very good decision we got there in 10minutes and we found some blue 6a routes quite quickly. And set out to do as many as possible. The routes went well most going within one or two try’s, we got a bit of drizzle and had to shelter momentarily but not enough to wet the rock after a good few climbs the rain started to come down and we had to shelter for a while, then when there was a break in the rain we made a dash for the bus sheltering my mat under my poncho. We got back and watched the movie iron sky. The others had gone further so had got stuck and came back very wet. Eventually the power on the bus had a bit of a failure, so we went out on a walk to 95.2 we scoped out some potential routes for the next day. And there was one dry route that the guys had a go at, but I hadn't bought my shoes. We also rescued Alex’s chalk bag. We popped back to the bus and finished off Iron sky, then walked into town, it was about 5km and the roads had no pavements. We got into town and bought some food for tomorrow then popped into a restaurant. I had a steak followed by a banana split, Johan and David had meet that was cooked on a stone. After this we tried to find a bar but we failed to do this so we tried to find a taxi, but this again proved too difficult so we did the long walk home, the video room was a bit crowded when we got back so I read a bit more in my bunk before going to sleep.
I woke to the sound of rain so stayed in my bed a bit longer after a while it became obvious that the rain was not going to stop so the bus set off early. We watched hobo with a shotgun on the way and then Leon the movie. We also played with the Powerball. The very crossing was very calm and we could see where we were going. I managed to buy 2 bottles of Christmas on a 2 for 1 deal and also some aftershave. The rest of the drive was uneventful. And we got back to mile end before 9 pm.


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