GBBF 09/08/2012

I left work very early and donned my shark hat to the GBBF this year it was at Olympia again after many years as the earls court venue was in use for the Olympics. There was a short walk necessary from west ken but it was a nice sunny day. I got there to meet Pat and Chris who had got there from midday and we enjoyed some beer. I also got some free beer from the organiser by showing them a picture of the hogs back bike. It was quite a busy night. Andrew, Ree, Marie, Claire, Adam, David, Abby, sandy, rowan and Adrian where along from 8thday and grant was also along and Alex from our Belgium trip. Sid even made it though she struggled a bit to get in the place but then managed to get in free. I enjoyed lasering people but there were some stiff competitors in the hat section with one chap having a helium blimp on his head. Eventually had to leave at 10.30 after a good day.


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