John's Birthday 20/08/2012

I got up at 9.30 and had no troubles catching the tube and train to Stanstead. I managed to get through even with my name spelt wrongly on the boarding pass. I also only had hand luggage so I was putting toiletries through security for the first time. I bought a few more toiletries past the gate then a few more dvds then I also bought priority boarding and was the second person on the plane I saw Harriet just as I was starting to board. The flight seemed quite short as i got a bit of sleep. I shot through customs and John was just walking through the door so that was good timing. We stopped at the Supermercado and picked up some supplies mainly of beer and wine then we drove back to the house. The temperature was well in the thirties. We had a very nice dinner of meatballs and pasta that Verena had prepared and of course a few beers. We especially liked the pull off tops on the Mahou. We stayed up quite late talking and then I watched the first zombie movie.
I got up and went for a run it was about 2 hours long I went through Sobrepena and down to the river then turned right to Polientes, then left to climb up the other hill to arantiones. All in all it was about 11 miles and the temperature was about 32 degrees. I also ran with a bottle of wine. After I got back Ronnie and Catrina and little Fiona arrived and we set off to the reservoir. The water was really warm this year and my clothes dried really quickly after I got out. I then jogged round to the rocks and climbed a few routes on them. When I got back we headed up to the hot chilli bar for a beer. This was a really nice beer in a frosted glass. We then drove back to Polientes we swapped Harriet for Ronnie and the boys went off for a drink in the old bar while the ladies concentrated on making a large paella which they did very well. We played music and talked till the early hours. Eventually the girls had a chat in the garden while I watched the Spanish zombie movie Rec. Reservoir
I got up for 10.30 am which was a struggle but it was a bit later before we set off for the beach. We went up the motorway towards Santander then, we turned left towards the Picos along the coast road till we came to camillos and the playa de Oyambre. It certainly was a big and sandy beach while the others settled in I walked to the right along the beach and got to some rocks after crossing a fast flowing estuary. I explored a bit and found Petra and John as I was on my way back. We then went a bit further and followed the river around the bend. We then joined the others at the wind break and I then set off in the other direction. I got to the point which was covered in rocks and carefully scrambled round in my five fingers. I only found more rocks round the bend though. I started to jog back along the beach but this time met Verena and Petra and walked back with them. We then went for a beer in the beach bar we got frosty beers and I had cheesy chips. We then drove back to the house and quickly got ready before setting off to Reinosa and the la Molina restaurant we got a nice table for 8 upstairs. we all had steak which was really good after having a nice salad with goats chees for starters. Ii was the only one who had a dessert of white chocolate ice cream. We then drove back to the house after numerous shots from the bar woman. We were up till after 12 so John got some of his presents. I also played the John playlist to celebrate. I ended up the last one as usual this time talking to Verena.
I got up and at midday set off for a run off about 3 hours along the gr99 trail to the west I got as far as the main road and Villaneuva de la nia then turned around. Again I was carrying wine but it seemed much warmer. I made a mistake navigating on the way back and missed a turn luckily I was able to pick up the trail again by retracing my steps. I also got bitten twice by something that was quite nasty, certainly painful. I was really starting to struggle by the time I got back and I couldn't have run much further. After i had recovered and spent a bit of time in the new hammock I gave John a hand to finish off the upstairs bathroom ceiling. It was then a question of getting ready for the bbq by finishing off watching Trollhunter and getting bbq playlists ready. John did a great job as usual on the bbq and we were joined by holiday cat and three of his children, so a cat playlist ensued. Didn't stay up too late that night.
There was not really time for a run before leaving for the airport. We did however go for a nice walk down to Sobrepenilla, we saw the church and the graveyard then sat on a wall and looked at the valley in the sunshine. We then walked back to the house via a cross country route. John was then good enough to drive us to the airport for our flight. I got separated from Harriet and Petra in the queuing process. I did manage to get off the plane first but then got delayed in the passport queue. The train back to London was a little slow otherwise it was ok.


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