Jurassic Coast 23/03/2012

Sandy woke me up about 7.25 am and we went down to a very nice breakfast in the Lugger Inn I even had some black pudding. We drove down to the redbridge inn which was on the causeway to Portland and we got registered and had our kit checked by 8.30am unfortunately the briefing was not till 10am for runners so we read our kindles in the car. After the briefing we went on an endless bus ride to the start at Charmouth. We dibbed and were off. We stuck to our plan off walking up and down the hills, and if we could run 2 miles we always stopped. The day wa warm at 13 degrees sandy even got a touch of sun, we didn't really stop at the first checkpoint but we did at the second and had jaffa cakes and fig rolls. We managed to make no navigation errors this time and just gradually plowed along and we started overtaking people even at our modest pace we finally got in about 5.39, not much slower than we were trying to run it all the way and we did 27 miles. I strapped up my left ankle just in case. We drove back easily enough to the Lugger as we had finished at the registration point. We had a very nice meal as usual and just relaxed in the luxury of our room.
The legs were a little bit stiff in the morning. We had a nice breakfast as usual at 7.30 am and we headed down for registration. This time there was no transfer so we started pretty sharpish at 9am from the registration tent. We set of down the causeway and then climbed up portland. We went round the edge and saw the two places we had climbed. We nearly went wrong at the borstal place but we got back down to the causeway somehow by the road. Back then along the causeway to the second checkpoint which was actually the start. We then ran round to weymouth and through the town then onto the beachfront and ran along the promenade. This time there was no beach section which was good and we made good time in21 degree heat. We after the last checkpointt there was the 3 amigos to contend with. The rather long and sustained downhill before the first gave me a bit of a problem but the ankle held up and I ran up the hill to catch up with Sandy. We pushed onto the finish and then quickly got in a bus to get back to the start point where I bought a puffa jacket for 70. Back then to the Lugger Inn and we tried to hold on till dinner which was not till 6pm. We both had fish and chips and I had a pint of beer. Then back to the room to gt some sleep as the clocks were going forward.
No breakfast for us this morning we were away before the Lugger Inn started serving. We managed to grab a sausage sandwich at the race tent. The briefing was at 8.35 then we were bussed to the start at lullworth cove were we had finished the day before. My thighs felt better than they had done before going up the first hill however the left ankle twitched a bit but finally settled down and stopped bothering me. We moved along quite nicely there was no need to save my legs as I wouldn't be running the next day so I ran down the hills as well. We were at the second checkpoint nearly in the lead as a lot of people ahead of us appeared to go wrong at the top of one hill. There certainly were a lot of hills today. Many of them with stepp steps which would be hard to negotiate on the oner. We went past all the swanage climbing places today including dancing ledge. It was going pretty well till SandyMs achilles went. Unfortunately . After that it was pretty much walking to the finish. Afteer a bit of walking I really felt it. And it would have been really difficult to start running again even though I could manage it. Luckily I had some paracetomol which seemed to help Sandy a bit and he was able to walk at a pretty good pace. It still took us a quite a while to get in however. Unfortunately then there was quite a long wait for a coach which had to drive us 52 miles back to portland were we got in the car and drove straight back to london. I dropped sandy at earls court and was back just before 11pm and so was able to get a chinese.


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