Juzar's Party 27/10/2012

I went home and improvised with some white face paint to get my hair white for Juzarís party. It looked a bit like rain so i caught a cab to the party and got there quite early, I met Juzarís friend Eugenia and practiced with my new camera taking her picture. My new vampire teeth were working well but i had used far too much polygrip and had nearly stuck my lips too my gums. I could however drink but not eat so easily. Juzar was an evil clown with his undead bride and Elena was a nurse, matt was Frankenstein and Christel a wicked witch. Richie had a full face mask and a Jedi outfit and sandy was from scream. Paul was dead Elvis, Kat was a Scotswoman and had borrowed my sporran to go with her kilt. We had some dancing in the living room that Juzar had set up and it was projecting horror movies. Was a very good turnout, Ed, Clare etc were there as well and we kept going till quite late I perhaps should not have drank such a lot of the Irish cream liqueur I brought along as this probably tipped me over the edge a bit and got me quite drunk. I didn't have any problem in catching a taxi back though.