Lad's Drinks 09/03/2012

After work I met Andrew, Sanjay and Malcolm in the Lord Moon on the Mall. From there we went on to the Albannach where myself and Sanjay had Smokey Martini's as it was happy hour. We popped across the road and just had beers in the Trafalgar bar of the Hilton and from the Hilton we went on to the Harp as the Chandos was a bit busy. We then popped into the bar at the st martins lane hotel and had gin and tonics. Malcolm left us at this point a little the worse for wear. The next stop was the porterhouse and then we made it to the Savoy for champagne in their new bar. Sanjay left at this point but me and Andrew went alongt to the Walkabout for a final drink.

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