Morocco 17/11/2012

17/11/2012 Up at a reasonable time and set off for Victoria. Met Adrian and Chrisse at the ticket machines but they caught the Gatwick express and I went by the Clapham junction were I met Claire. We tried to check in at the wrong terminal but both terminals were quiet and we got straight to the front of the queue and checked in. We met the others and then I went through security with Romanda and secured a spot in the Weatherspoon’s then had a nice all day brunch before getting some duty free and some cash though you could only take 90 quid into morocco, we were later on the jet so most of us were split up. Luckily the flight was quicker at three and a half hours than it should of been, but my kindle appeared to have been broken I couldn't reboot it and it had white marks on the screen. We touched down and it started to rain as we left the airport so we dived in the mini buses which took us to the little town of Mihrleft. We chatted for most of the way and tried to find songs to play that were in character withe morocco and surfing. We arrived at the huge main villa and they served us lots of food which we eagerly ate. Myself, Rowan Binh and Sharon were in another villa and I was really lucky as I had a double bed and a single bed Too myself. We also had working wifi and a TV with a dvd and satellite. We went back quite early to our villa but stayed up till about 1am drinking a little bit of Xmas.
Woke up in plenty of time for breakfast and popped along to the main villa to get breakfast bread honey croissants and coffee. Then in the jeeps down to the beach that we had to ourselves. The was a great big tent were we could get changed and I popped on my wetsuit, boot, gloves, helmet and goggles. I was really glad I had popped on the goggles as almost straight away I got whacked right in the eye when an instructor set me off smack into another board, without the glasses I would have probably gone to hospital. At lunchtime we played a bit of beach volleyball but the ball was a bit flat. Me and Bryan also went for a swim but the instructors called us back again as the waves were quite powerful. In the afternoon after a powerful anti-inflammatory I got back in and did quite well at getting my knees up and was shown a technique that should help me get up again in the future. We then popped in the jeeps and came back along the dirt roads to our villa we had a quick shower then headed back to the main villa and watched a surfing movie, before dinner. I had taken over the Christmas and later eked out the gin and Fanta whilst we chatted away, later we looked for stars on the roof.
It was very hard surfing in the morning there was a lot of cross tides which were very hard to fight against. And also there were lots of holes in the sand so you kept falling down them. When we went back we were able to stop off at the shop and get some really nice banana lollies. I went along to the main villa and watched the surfing film riding giants. In the evening we walked across to town and to a hotel that served food and beer, the boys at my end of the table, rowan, Jacob, mattaius and Sean were very glad about that, I had some very good soup, followed by beef kebab and a creme caramel. Afterwards we carried on drinking at another hotel bar where they served us beer.
20/11/2012 Good start to the day as the sea was much kinder than the previous morning and I managed to get to my feet. But my eyes were stinging from salt at the end of the session so I put my goggles on again in the afternoon which was much better. During lunchtime we through around the little rugby ball the big rugby ball and a Frisbee. We had a nice lunch of sardine burgers. We also watched the surfer guys surf. Great start to the afternoon , I rode the blue board in for a really long way, so was very pleased about that. But then got swapped onto a small white board which was very painful because of the sand on it and it couldn't support me, also when I came of it, it shot into the air and hit me. I got a yellow board after that and was just starting to get the hang of that when the session was over. Stopped at the shop on the way home and Juzar bought me three banana lollies which was great. We watched Iron Sky on DVD in our villa before joining the others. This night we went to a pizza restaurant and we sat on one big long table. I had a meat pizza and nothing else apart from an apple milk shake, did have some hot source to go with it though. Back to the villa and we looked at the stars with my star app for a while. Then a few of us chatted in Claire and Rachel’s bedroom for a while drinking Christmas then we gravitated to the kitchen downstairs as the others were watching the wedding crashers on dvd.
Up early again and along for breakfast at 9am. There had been quite a party after I left. After breakfast I quickly walked into town to get money from the cashpoint machine then returned to go quad biking with Juzar, Andrew and Kyrstie. The guy got us on the bikes then drove in front of us with his lights flashing into town then sent us off on our own down a dirt tack myself and Juzar hurtled down it at a rate of knots and occasionally stopped to let the others catch up. When we got to the end of the path we did a bit extra over our time we went left along the road then found another dirt track and followed it. Till again we found someone’s back garden. We then turned back and started racing along the road. I managed to overtake Juzar then he overtook me on the dirt track. I then raced to catch and overtake him and did so but he got a flat tire, so we limped home a bit and paid the guy extra. We then headed out for a walk; we stopped off in town and had some soup at the restaurant we had been to the first night. We then turned back and headed to the beach and climbed down a lush little valley with palm trees, then followed a river bed. When we got to the beach we left Chrissie and Adrian and walked up and over the rocks to our bit of beach. We made a big 8thday in the sand and took our pictures lying in it. Then we did a bit of bouldering, and some of the others ran into the sea before we played a bit of Frisbee then headed back. Myself and Binh were locked out so I had coffee at the second villa, with Adrian and Chrissie and Andrew and we took pictures of the sunset. I then went back to the chalet and myself rowan and Binh watched some of stakeland. We got to the first villa and found they had already left for the hotel that served the beer, so we walked across there and had a quick beer before going to a restaurant that had a roof area that we all fitted into. There was a big fire and we managed to get some wine though not a great deal. I had a very nice t bone steak with rice and vegetables and we finished off with mint tea. Then the entertainment started a local band that got bigger and bigger. Rowan joined in on the guitar and I sang the house of the rising sun at one point. There was also a lot of crazy dancing and they seemed very sorry to see us leave at the end of the evening. There were evening people listening in the street outside.
Up for breakfast, we got to surfing and i had a pretty good morning though I broke my goggles at the last minute. At lunchtime we played beach Volleyball and had a really close game. Me Sean and Juzar against, rowan, David and Andrew. In the Afternoon the waves were brutal again I made some progress and stood on the board consistently but not for very long. At one point I plunged off the board from quite high and managed to be thrown forward and head planted in the sand, luckily I had wrapped my arms round my neck as instructed. The sea then flipped me over which i thought might have made my back ache but I was ok. on the way back i bought banana lollies for the big bus we were on and the driver In the evening we set off to a restaurant that had camel on the menu. I off course chose the camel. Which was quite difficult to cut but flavoursome, more so than i expected. We were also allowed to brink our own beer so people had carted quite a lot of beer and wine in back packs. As we were enjoying the mint tea the band from the night before had arrived but luckily hey had new victims with a different table who were enthusiastic to dance. So we made a discreet exit though Claire dropped her torch and we had to go back for it. People didn't stay up long when we got back so it was an early night.
Brutal waves again in the morning, so much so that I won best wipe out award, I also managed to do a cartwheel on the seafloor at one point had a moment were everyone was drowning around us in a foot of seawater. At lunchtime we climbed among the rocks. And watched the surfers, there was still about 18 of us for the last session. After we finished there was an awards ceremony on the beach and I got the first award for best wipeout, closely followed by Jacob for biggest wave, Claire for most consistently standing up. After the awards ceremony we continued to play volleyball I played a bit better and dived to win a few good shots we managed to win. Back to the chalet, and we watched the end of stakeland. Walked to the restaurant which was the hotel that served beer. We had a mix up on the fish and chips, but we got some at our end of the table in the end. Had quite a few beers and some fun at Adele’s expense as she went underneath the table, we also got a chocolate dessert and me and Juzar shared a pot of tea. Afterwards we had some more beer till they stopped serving us. We walked back with the surfer guys and when we got to the villa the drinking games started, I wasn't really up for being thrown in the pool, so when Adele was going I escorted her home and called it a night myself.
I woke up early and had been dreaming of being swept away in the sea, I had time for a shower and packed my wetsuit into my luggage. I went to breakfast at the main villa and found there had been a little bit of a party going on. About 10 we got into 2 minibuses and drove to Tiznit, this took about an hour. When we got there it was extremely hot and it was a traditional Moroccan town. We first of all saw the silver factory and browsed it quickly then set off, through the town, there was lots of vegetables and clothes and stuff on over, !drain, Jacob and Binh and Chrissie all stopped for a drink then we met Adele and Sarah who directed us to this wonderful hotel and restaurant down a back street. We got a nice table and had a great starter of a huge tomato with goats cheese and for main course a sizzling beef tagine that was sweet. For dessert I couldn't resist the banana split which was excellent. We got back in the bus then and got driven to Agadir airport were we said goodbye to Duncan . We got through customs and found ourselves a seat at beer point where we found the prices suddenly became very expensive, so we struggled to spend our dirhams.


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