Posh Drinks 30/03/2012

I walked from the office to the Mandarin bar and met Paul Stevens the bar manager. He sorted me out a very nice area and I sat down to wait. It was quite a while till I was joined by the others, but it was a very good turnout. Andrew, Adam, Bruce, Deborah and her sister, Charlotte, Elena, Sally and Hazel, Kyrstie, Alex and her friend and Abby were along. I drank Gin and tonic in the Mandarin and then when we moved about 9.30pm I switched to Icelandic pale ale in the champagne bar in Harvey Nichols which was a little empty at the time we arrived. After that we strolled along to the Blue Bar but it was too small for all 14 of us and we couldn't get seated so we had to leave. We moved along and Sally knew the bar in the Langham, this was called the Library and sounded like it, it was far too quiet for 14 of us to descend upon it. So we got into Trader Vic's getting a discount on the normal 10 admission. After a few cocktails there a few of us headed up to Windows of the World where we got a final drink and a window seat, finally got a taxi home about 2am.


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