Santacon 15/12/2012

I got up early and my Santa suit at arrived I put it on and also my beer belly. I got a hoot from the bus driver on the way to the tube station. I arrived at the Prince Charles theatre at 9.45 AM . I soon met Clare and rob and then sandy and Marie and Ree and Adrian and Christie were along just for the film. Debs and Phil were along dressed as an ILF and also Adam. We also saw Amanda but she was with her own friends. We took our seats and watched bad Santa it was great fun and I was able to drink from my beer belly. After the film we joined the crowds outside and followed them to the first pub. After that we got some food from the local Tescoís. We also saw the people we met at the Santa pub crawl last year. We then got a bit separated from the ground as we stopped off at a few pubs to have Sambuca shots. We caught up with them again at Saint Paulís where there was a huge crowd. We gradually made our way to the Trafalgar Square which was packed with people. It was lucky it was warm for the people who decided to jump in the fountain. After Trafalgar Square we had a drink in the Chandos and then went for Chinese in China Town though I just had beer. We then caught taxiís to the Bloomsbury bowling Lanes for the after party it was a bit small and didnít have the cloakroom but the band were very good however it was rather warm especially having to carry your bag with you so I left after the first set from the band the others carried on


8th Day UK