Satan's Rout 26/10/2012

I dressed as the devil to go along to the coronet theatre in the elephant and castle for the last Tuesday society ball, Satanís rout. I met Phil quiet easily when I got in there he was also done up posh and had a silver cane like myself later we met Rebecca and Mumford and also John. The first act on stage was the London gay symphony orchestra which were quiet entertaining. They did some popular numbers and we were right down the front, were we stayed for the tiger lilies performance. We then did a bit of a scan around the rooms, and saw the reptile room which had geckos and snakes in it that you could play with, there was a second floor that also had live acts and you could get right up into the theatre seat at the top and look down at the stage. There were rooms in the arches as well. An asylum from one flew over the cuckoo's nest were a nurse gave me some pills which I didn't swallow. There was a geisha room and another with a Jacuzzi in it. We wandered round and did quite a bit of dancing on the second floor. I eventually left about 2.30 am


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