St Anton 05/02/2012


I woke about 5 am and it was pretty white outside the disabled room that me and sandy were sharing. Aquick cup and coffee and we were downstairs and i met up with Rob and Adam. It took a while to find the long stay carpark but we got on an empty bus and it took us to the airport where there was a very long queue to check in for the flight to innsbruck. We bore with it though and got our stuff checked in and went to the pub, for a half as we thought we only had enough time for a half. I also bought some expresso vodka for jaegars of the world. We headed off to the gate and I met Jon, then John arrived at the last minute except our flight was delayed for 4 hours as they only had so many rigs to de-ice the planes. We finally set off after noon and the flight was uneventful apart from a couple of people no where near us that got a bit drunk. When we arrived in Innsbruk the temperatyre was about -10 but it didn't feel too bad. I retreived my main bag quite quickly but the ski's were stacked outside for some reason. I sat with Jon on the coach and he explained the ski fields to me. We dropped half our folks at one chalet, then we went on to chalet pia, a bit of a queue to get in and up the stairs, but myself and john got settled in room 19 at the top only to be resttled to number 1 which didn't have a bathroom. After a quick honesty beer, myself John and John popped into town for beers at a bar and found Matt along the way. We only had time for one and a little bit of football watching before we headed back for dinner which was very nice and was chicken and potatoes with apple crumble for afters. The others on my table really tucked into the free red wine but I gave it a miss. We went out later to the Bobo bar and were joined by the other chalet. We had a good few drinks and then a good bit of dancing. It allwent a bit pete tong however when Matt was dancing with christel and managed to cut his head open from dancing on a mirror we had to go home early at that point, but it didn't seem too bad.
John forced me out of bed and I set off with the others at 9am but quickly lost everyone, I did a very easy run to start with then worked my way sideways to the larger lift, then crossed the road to the rendel lift. There I did the R1 route thinking it was a blue level of difficulty but it was in fact a red. I did it a few times and then ventured onto the blues, but was surprised to find them easier than the route I had been doing. I went back at the end of my session and did the R1 route again, but struggled a little bit as I was tired. Came down then and walked back to chalet. I then went for a run along the cross country ski course trying to find a road that went up the mountain without much success. Did spot the ice climbing wall however and my face did go numb from the cold. 8 did aboy 6.5 miles. I then came back to the chalet and got ready for ice climbing. I also read the weather forecats which said high of -16 and -25 windchill.unfortunately adam was at the apres ski so climbing didn't happen, i went to the spar with sandy before dinner, and got some beers and some mini jaegars that I tried at dinner. After dinner we tried to get into bar cuba but that was full so we carried on to the piccadily bar which was 6 euro to get in but we had a good dance and a good few beers, I was home though by about 1am.
Up in time to set off with the others but they headed off down asteep mogguly red with lots of people on it. I didn't like that at all it really knocked my confidence, so i set off on my own down blues past the crazy kangaroo and moosewert bars. I spotted Rob on the beginners slopes and stayed with him for a bit. He stopped for lunch and i went up and down a blue in that time. We then did go up higher and tried a short blue slope but rob found it a bit tricky so we headeed down on the lift. It certainly was cold up there my goggles froze up at one point and i had to ski with them up as I couldn't see anything. We got down and both walked back. I then went for a 6.5 mile run along the ski route this time with a snood as it seemed colder than the day before at one of the lifts it said -19. I really started to get cold in my parts on the way out., but they warmed up a bit on the way back. Leo was nominated for Neville the horse costume at diner for a host of reasons, and we went out later to do a quiz, my team didn't do so well and no one from the chalet won unfortunately, we did have fun making things related to skiing out of silver paper though. After this i went back to the other chalet to have a look at it. The living room was quite posh and they had a big telly with a dvd player. I stayed out till about 1am then headed back with Nick.
I got up early yet again and again went up the top of the same lift. I went right when the others went left but got lost on the way down and ended up having to go back up a lift. I tryed to make my way over to the others but the route you needed to get to them was closed so I didn't fancy trying a black which was the only other option. I did a lot of blues then and went over to rendell and did the blues there and the R2 route at the top. I then went back up and did the R2a my first evr black run as it was wide and flat and straight. Made it down without stopping so was very pleased had trouble though getting down the rest of the mountain as i was getting a bit tired by this point. I went back then to the chalet and headed back out to the crazy kangaruh to celebrate my first black run. It was great fun with so many folks though a little cold outside. We danced on the benches and I danced with darran on my shoulders at one point. I ran back down then to meet the others and just got back before dinner feeling a bit drunk. Steve won the nomination at dinner for having bought a case of alcohol free lager. Nick arrived back from the hosiptal with some impressive xrays of the pins in his fractured collar bone. We went out after dinner to the cuba bar and met the folks from the other chalet. We had a good night and danced as a big group at one point but headed home after that .
I was up early again and into the cowboy outfit for the fancy dress day. Unfortunately the weather was not kind, the light was very poor. It was really difficult to see the snow and i could not make out the conditons everything seemed flat so it was really difficult to judge where to turn so i really stuggled coming down the easy blue with everyone and it left me felling quite shattered. Was good to be out and taking the photos with everyone at the bottom of the lifts. Found nick back at the chalet and escorted him to the restuarant for lunch with the others and escorted him back down as well. Met up then with adam and we went to the climbing wall. It was a good thing ihad bought the rope as we needed it. After a little bit of bouldering, we went in the main area and climbed a small route a couple of times doing 5a's and 5 b's then did a couple of longer routes on the tall walls again about 5a the toughest. I finished with a 6a on the short wall. Then we headed back to the chalet. In the evening we doned our outfits one more time and headed out to the dinner. This was a nice steak house which did really well to cope with 60 cowboys and indians. I had a steak which was great. Adrian, darran, steve, caroline and leo were on my table and we also indulged in a sneaky jaegar bomb to catch up with the folks at the next table. After dinner we popped back to the piccadily and we went in the other bar were there was some live music. When we left that bar to go back to the main dancefloor i decided to call it a day however as there were an awful lot of blokes in the place and not many women.
Very early start today we went off to sodenkopf which was about a 30 minute drive in a big bus. Certain of our party such as sandy were still drunk from the night before. We got there and got all to the top and then we were suppossed to be on guided blue, but me, john, rachel, marie, adam and adrian soon lost the others so we continued to do our own thing and skied some blues. It was very cold i had left of a layer and felt it and my left foot had got wet and this was very cold. We stopped for lunch and i managed to get my foot warm and it was a bit warmer in the afternoon. We did a number of red runs and i came a cropper on one. I slid down the slope and stopped myself with the handles of my ski poles, adam retrieved my ski luckily and that was the only problem i couldn't sort out myself. I stopped just after 3pm and went to the bar with jane. We had just come down a very long red which was a bit narrow and tiring. Had a very nice hot chocolate then we were joined by other 8thdayers and had a beer. Meantime Johna nd rachel and marie and paula did one more run. We had a bit of a delay at the end as paul was a bit late rejoining the coach. I had planned to take things easy before dinner and jaegers of the world but a two minute warning was issued on the walkie talkie and after years of training I was forced to respond. This meant a gathering of the usual suspects Matt, steve, adam, sandy, ross for a trip to the nearest bar the alibi which was quite nice. Just a quick guinness in there then back to the chalet. We started a little bit early over dinner on the jaegars and were quite rightly fined by Ross for it. It was apretty big do in the main room of pia. I played some of my drinking songs to aid the mood. christels spookpiepie was a strong contender at seventy percent and a south african drink with barbed wire round it. After the main event which included sandy doing suicide slammers with the bar staff, some of us popped out to bar cuba for a quiet drink, myself and adam were surprisingly sober after having had double portions of dinner. We left when the bar closed and we got back to find quite a few going strong.
I was up early again and caught a taxi with John, Rachel, Marie, Adam, Leo and Paula to Lech. The conditions looked lovely and the light had been quite flat at st anton so we made the right choice I reckon. I had a problem with my card at the bottom but the others waited for me but we got bad news from Ross on the second chair lift and so we had to ski down. The blue we used was wide flat and very empty really got up a bit of speed coming down it. We caught the bus back with some other 8thdayers and sorted things out with Ross then some of us had a rather chilly lunch including eiskaffee outside a cafe at the bottom of one of the lifts after that it was time for a bit of window shopping for kit and then off to the kandaha bar to watch england narrowly beat Italy at rugby. We popped back to the chalet then for dinner and then after dinner a small group of us went to pub 37 just to see another bar in stanton, on the way we found a 6,500 litre rum barrel that you could hire out for parties. Adrian joined us in the horse costume he had got for wearing to differnt boots during the day. Ree was also there with her rescue dog mask. We then moved on to the main bar for the night bobo's and gradually took over the whole dancefloor. Dancing was hot and very enegetic and just went from one number to the next so I didn't get to drink much which was probably a good thing. I left quite early about 2 am but the party was still going strong.
I was up on time and definately needed a shower after all the jumping about the night before. Drive to the airport was ok, but there was a 45 minute delay on the flight. Also it took quite a while to retrieve our luggage, but then had a quick journey home on the M25 once we had bused back to the car and given a person with a flat tyre a push.

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