Super Hero Run 01/04/2012

I got up quite early and set off for Clapham Common for the Heroes run. It was a bit brisk early on in just a t-shirt but it had warmed up by the time I had the Captain America costume on. Ree was in her eBay outfit and Nirada was in a lady Flash outfit. Adrian arrived at the last minute and just managed to dump his bag with Alex and get changed before we set off. There were loads of heroes at the start but as we went through the 5k finish the numbers thinned out a bit. It was actually quite difficult to see where I was going with the mask on, but got round ok and we managed a joint finish. Ree won a prize for best costume and I took her picture with Basement Jaxx. We then went along to the Calf in Clapham which was very nice for a roast lunch.


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