Tough Mudder 13/05/2012

Up early, unfortunately too early as Danny was stuck in traffic so me and James had to wait in the car for 45 minutes. We shot off then up towards Huntingdon and actually got there in plenty of time to register and pick up our numbers. I popped on my pads and special gloves and we were off to the start. You had to climb over a wall to get to the start and then we were treated to Rocky music to warm us up and we recited the Tough Mudder code then we were off. The course was 10 miles or so in total with obstacles dotted everywhere. There was also lots of mud. Near the start was the artic enema where you have to jump into a skip filled with about a ton of ice cubes and plunge underwater. There was then a crawling section were you were had to crawl uphill on slippery mud underneath barbed wire. There was also a crawl net were I shot past people going on my hands and knees while they crawled. There were a couple of big walls to get over which took a bit of strength to negotiate. There was a cargo net and a scramble over hay. We had to take a log in a big circle and there was lots of mud and jumping into little streams. Then there was an especially muddy section which i found great fun but others struggled on and some got completely stuck. We were surprised at one point to get electrocuted by wires as we crawled along. There was also a lake to wade across holding a wire but I just swarmed along the wire to keep warm. As we came nearer the end there were some tough obstacles quite close together. We had to go along a balance beam over water unfortunately it wobbled in the middle so I had to jump in. I got over the hand ladders with no problem. There was a very high jump into the river this meant me and James hit the bottom. Then the final obstacle a very tall wall with a curved front. I climbed up the back to catch James and Danny it took quite a few attempts and was a bit painful on the ribs, but I caught them both and got them over. Then it was along to the finish line and a free beer and a nice burger. The drive back was fine and then I had some ice cream back at the flat to celebrate.


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