Turkey 17/09/2012

Big day today up early and all ready for turkey, but didn't leave the house till after 12. Go t the Gatwick express fine and then saw sandy and Marie in the queue. Glen was soon there as well and we headed through security to the flying horse pub were we met all the crew. On the actual flight I was not sitting next to anyone so me and Sandy couldn't do our usual trick of drinking champagne. The flight wasn't too bad, but when we got to turkey there was another hour and twenty minute journey on a bud and then a 30 minute ride on a ferry. I managed to spot some beers for me and Glenn and the trip passed quickly. Myself and glen didn't bother to carry our bags I went straight to reception with the rep to get our keys then we hit the pool bar even though it was past 2am local time. We had a few drinks before going to bed.
I didn't get up too early but I found sandy next to the pool and we set off for a run about mid-day. We first ran up to some show caves that weren't really that impressive then we carried on up and saw some good vantage points, but we couldn’t get to the top of the island we tried to follow some red dots on the rocks but nearly got lost so had to retrace down about 5 miles in total but it was very hot. We got back and then I had a game of tennis with glen. He was a bit rusty and I was leading 5-0 by the end of our lunch time session after a bit of longing by the pool I managed to convince about 12 people to play beach volleyball and we had a good game. I was starting to get some good serves in. Kat however was good enough to return them. After that we had a bit more fun with Sharky in the pool it was possible to jump and land on top of him in the water. We then got tidied up a bit and had a very nice dinner on the terrace. I started with dessert first as there was such an awesome choice. We went after dinner to the beach bar and the instructor guy who had done volleyball was singing on the mike. We had a bit to drink and eventually at 3am there was me sandy Marie, Claire, glen. I got out the orange chocolate truffle baileys and Claire thought it was Christmas in a glass which was most amusing. We finally went home after 3am when the bar closed and me and Glen kept talking for a while after that.
I got up again for 11:30 and found sandy for a run. We ran up the way we had gone before and then turned right. This took us past may thousands of bees and wasps and we made our way up past a deserted village, but again although we found red dots we couldn't really follow them, we managed to retrace our steps to a road by clambering down a ravine. We then ran past numerous bee hives till the road ran out. Unfortunately I got stung in the process but it wasn't too bad. We had to reclimb back up the ravine on the way back as there were beekeepers gassing the bees on the road. We got round them ok and made it back to the hotel. At 2.30 there was official volleyball thought there was not as many as the day before. But we did get three aside I was in a team with James and we were doing pretty well until Kat arrived and went on the other team. Then that team started to pick up. After playing for about an hour I met up with James and Kyrstie who were swimming to the island. I took a canoe out and Nirada, sandy and a few others also swam out. Sandy kayaked back and Marie and Claire swam back. We all then tried to pile as many people as possible in a Jacuzzi. And got about 12 in. Then back to the pool side for a bit more swimming and playing with Sharkey. We had a few drinks and went to dinner though not on the terrace as it was a bit windy. After dinner we went off to toms terrace for drinks. But this was only for 20 mins or so before we headed to the beach bar for the pub quiz which had odd rounds such as charades and write a letter to Anne Robinson. We did well on our table on the music but didn't get in the top 3. Tom did a dance of to the wakka wakka for 3rd place but although he was the best dancer he didn’t win. We actually all went to bed about 12:30 which was quite early.
Ran with sandy 6 miles past the marina. Played tennis with glen I was still ahead but only just. Dangled my legs in the pool for a while i then kayaked out to the island with Kat and met Bryan on the way we quickly got ready and caught the boat to Marmaris.
Ra on my own for 8 miles getting as far as the next town. Had a warm up of volleyball with James and Kat. Kayaked to the island, with Kat, Jurgita, glen, Jacob and James and escorted them safely. Had a game of volleyball with Juzar and some others which ended when Juzar got stung. Then we got ready for zombies School disco there was a preparation session at 630pm where the woman who did Zumba showed us how to do the moves to thriller we then got changed and all congregated in tom's flat before heading to the restaurant. We arrived and did the thriller dance outside the restaurant which went down really well. Afterwards zingo, zumba, and limbo..
Ran for 5 miles up the hill without sandy, took a new route but it led nowhere. I then had some melon for dinner and then practised serving for a while. I then kayaked to the island with Claire but we weren't allowed to kayak round it. We were stopped by a man in a speedboat. I then played volleyball and gave the beach member of staff very sore arms as he had to take 9 services as a row as we won 10 - 1 in the final game.. After that I had a good game o tennis with Johan it was only short about 20 minutes but we were even at the end of it.. After that got ready very quickly to go to Marmaris in the river taxi we had a bit of a dance on the way across as we passed their sister boat and of course we had a beer. We arrived and walked much further to a restaurant the fountain, the waiters were really amusing cracking jokes and they brought us a bill a yard long at the end which was fake. They had the number one dessert in turkey which was grilled ice cream and the main course i had of mixed grill with chilli sauce was excellent. After that we lost a few people then went along to a bar which was advertising 4 shots for 10 lira so we had a couple of shots of tequila and a beer, then went onto a club which was lively and had podium dancers. We then pushed on to the big disco at the end the arena which was the biggest nightclub in Marmaris it had flame shows laser shows was open air we danced on the bar and we saw a Turkish couple who had just got married she was in her bridal gown, and the groom waved the Turkish flag and let off fireworks. Eventually we got an awesome disco taxi home. With me glen, Victoria and Paul where we danced the whole way and overtook the other taxi's.
I got up and ran all the way to the top of the mountain with sandy. We went back up a previous route and when the red dots ran out we made small cairns between the gaps. We finally got to the top for an excellent view of the little island and Marmaris. I again kayaked to the island with swimmers, this time following Julia who was extremely fast. We had a bit of a rest then I headed back with Jacob and then helped sandy, Kyrstie and Claire to get back. After we got back we had a game of water based Frisbee, I was able to operate in the shallows with my wetsuit boots on which helped. I was playing with tom and glen and James on my side, but most folks had joined in by the end. I did score one very good goal where the Frisbee went over my head but I dived and caught it an inch from the water. It was Turkish night in the restaurant with a starter that included raki. Awards volleyball In the evening in the bar it was awards night and a few folks from 8thday got awards. After a few drinks we started playing volleyball, but the ball popped. I went back to the room and got my ball and myself and Claire played against charlotte and Nirada and had good fun for quite a while there was also a try at midnight Frisbee, but this was a bit more painful if you missed the Frisbee. Stayed up quite late again but I didn't drink so much this time.
Got up and did some rather hurried packing and put my bags in Victoria’s room then ran off to the very top of the hill with sandy and a camera. We went much quicker today as we followed the cairns and arrows we had made the previous day I took photos from the top and from a vantage point lower down. We then popped back to the resort. I had a drink and changed my shirt then after some food I played tennis with glen for ages. I managed to claw back my deficit and win in the 3rd set with the help of my new serve but lost it a bit in the 4th and Glen took that one after that it was time to sit around the bar and relax with your feet in the water till it was time to use the shower. We caught the 6.30pm ferry and organised a presentation to Kyrstie for her work as organiser. We got off slowly and myself Nirada, Claire and charlotte were in a coach without the others. We did however have a movie with Richard Gere and a dog in it. Though we couldn't hear it. We did also get in the queue first at the airport. Though the desk was not open at first. We went through security and me and Claire shared a large pizza then went shopping for Christmas and Turkish delight with Glen. We then found a bar like Weatherspoon’s and had a very large Efes our last. On the plane Claire was separated from us and I was between Nirada and charlotte both of whom seemed to sleep well, but I struggled.. We arrived to Gatwick a little bit late. I couldn't get in the cab with glen, Kat and Juzar so went by train to Blackfriars and then caught a cab home got there sometime after 4pm.


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