Waitangi Day 04/02/2012

I was up bright and early and after a bit of drama when the central line train i was on appeareed to be burning I still got to the mitre pub for a full english at 10 am. Sandy arrived at about 10.30 am and had breakfast then we had a beer before setting off to Tesco's to get beer. Then we joined the crowds at Notting hill gate. There were some guys that only had shorts on which was pretty impressive. It was a good turnout given the weather and we set off around the various stops of the circle line. We met Steve and Laura at glocester road tube. We pushed on round and stopped at the Zetland arms at south kensingto then we rather controversially popped into another pub for a beer and so that Sandy could use the toilet. Laura warmed up with a mulled wine. We still used the toilets at Peter Jones to keep up with tradition but found that we were a bit behind the main crowd so we got on a tube to st james park and briefly watched the gathering at parliamnet before heading up to the shades for some food and a little watch of some rugby before calling it a day. I got home and quickly got packed as it had started to snow. We then drove to adam's in the snow and picked him up and crawled to Gatwick whilst it snowed continuously. We had a bit of difficulty getting to the travel lodge even though we could see it. But got in just as sandy was arriving so that was handy as he was sharing a room with me. Downstairs then to the bar and we met Ross and the others and had a couple beers. I was quite sensible and stopped at this point Sandy continued a bit longer and got into the room later and crashed on the settee.


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