Winter Wonderland 30/11/2012

I went straight from work to winter wonderland wearing my neoprene socks and my Jurassic coast jacket which really worked well. I met Simon first and then Kat arrived a bit later. We had some mulled wine then moved on and looked around the place we watched a band from a balcony and I danced to gangnam style. I had some curryworst and we moved around picking up more drinks and food and eventually found John, Verena and Petra in the big tent with the band were I managed to get a stein albeit in a plastic glass. We were surprised by last orders at 10pm but we managed to find John and Verena and with Kat we went to trader vics which was very busy and had the same woman singing. We all had a round of Samoan fog cutters then a punchbowl and Kat had some chips before we left to catch the last tube.


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