8thday runclub xmas run 18/12/2013

I ran to running club and I donned my Santa hat and coat and Ree was dressed as a tree. I dished out my spare hats to Andrew, Charlotte, Adam, Nathalie, Sarah and James. We popped along to the first gluhwein shop on the Southbank and we were pretty warm. We ran to winter wonderland and had a drink at our usual bar and Ree had brought some stollen. As we were inside we saw the rain build up and we got a bit soaked going back to embankment especially my feet. However it was so warm I didn't have gloves on and was still warm. We sheltered under the bridge while drinking the last gluhwein but occasionally large drops of water would hit your drink if you didn't put your hand over it. We got back to the gym and went straight to the kings arms. Here we drank Xmas ales and met Claire, Nirada and Jude. Ree also had some presents for us, we got bright yellow bobble hats and money holders. Charlotte arrived later



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