8thday Summer Party 03/08/2013

I got my kit together for the 8thday summer party. I caught the over ground to Clapham junction and walked to Wandsworth common. When I got there was just Rachel and Ross. But Binh arriv3d and we played some tennis. Then rob arrived and we set up the volleyball net. From then we played almost continually, Nikola and Jurgita were stars for the women and organised team Tignes and team totty. I had quite a good game with rob on my side on the Osier St team. There was a very good turnout and the others played limbo and Frisbee and welly throwing. Sandy unfortunately sprained his ankle quite badly in the volleyball. We played till it was almost dark then we set off for the pub. And we pretty much stayed there till it closed which was well past the last tube. I got a taxi home with Adam.


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