8thday Xmas meal 13/12/2013

. I then left the guys and headed to the draft house at tower hill where I met everyone for the 8thday Xmas lunch. There was about 60 of us all told and the dinner was a serve yourself from plates in the middle of the table. I didn’t, t manage much food only having had a curry 90 minutes ago but I did have some ice-cream for dessert. I sat on a table just with women on, Jilly, Rebecca, Bushra etc. At 11pm we had to move to a pub down the road for extra drinks. The pub itself stopped serving at 12, but luckily google now suggested the Pommeliers rest a Weatherspoon’s round the corner, which was lucky as Ree and Claire had just arrived and I led them straight to it. But they only served till 1am and then it was home time in a cab with the east London crew.



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