Bacchus 08/09/2013

I was up quite early and caught the early train from Dorking to Victoria. I stopped at Clapham junction but didn't see folks there but I did find Adrian on the train then Ree, Sandy and Marie got on the train at Sutton. We got to the vineyard and got registered and changed into our togas. A few people were still making them out of sheets. We had a big picture on the bank before the start then we set off at a very respectable pace. Kat's knee played her up and she soon had to walk unfortunately. But she and Kyrstie did a very good job of keeping up with us getting into the checkpoints before we left each time. The first stop was a bit crowded and drizzlee so we didn't stop too long there just having 4 shots of white wine. The next stops however the weather picked up and we stopped longer at each stop. Towards the end we had ti shelter under a tree at one stop due to rain but then we ran in benny hill style to the finish to the sound of yakkity sax. We also ran to pitbull jumping in the air at the word party. We had a very nice hog roast then and shuffled along to the pub by the station where they opened a room for us. We played darts and although my team was behind for most of the game I got a bull to win it even bearing Adams spider pig effort. Eventually me, Ree, Jason, Gowyn and Claire managed to catch a train home then Ree spent quite some time getting a train the wrong way.



8th Day UK