Biarritz 08/08/2013

Met folks at Gatwick, Me and matt went through and met others at the Weatherspoon’s were Steve was already drinking some strange concoctions. On the plane we sat together and had some cocktails. When we got to Biarritz we actually walked to our hotel with our bags. And then we quickly got a taxi into town. The first bar we came to was the Newquay bar. We had wheat beer and shooters to start with and then more beers and then we popped along to another bar that would not let us in as a group of guys. We pushed on and went in 2 by 2 to the next bar. Here we found some nice sofas but it was a bit quiet. .
09/08/2013 Friday
We got up early and the surf guys picked us up and drove us down to the beach in their van. We got a shorty wetsuit and got some very quick tuition. The waves were good and solid though not the size of morocco and the sea was warmer. We played about for a while and i popped up and managed to balance on my board. So I was quite happy with the session. We got some coffees then at the beach bar and then wandered into town. We found a good location at a bar overlooking the beach and had beers and ice cream all afternoon. We had some difficulty getting taxi's back to the hotel we had planned to watch a rugby match. We walked along the seafront and managed to find a really nice restaurant with a view of the small beach and a great view of the sunset. I just had a beef steak and a tiramisu. . .
10/08/2013 Saturday
As we were getting into the beach area the sea was already nearly at high tide . We got our usual spot in the beach bar while Ross and matt and David did a quick hours surfing then the waves were too close to the rocks. We wandered round the promontory later and got to the small beach in front of the restaurant that wasn't affected by the tide. We played a little Frisbee, We then went on up to restaurant and had to wait a little while in the bar.
11/08/2013 Sunday
Up early and caught a taxi into town and the beach. Ross practically ran into the sea. I had quite a good day in the end and got up quite a few times on the board by popping up. And once rode in with all four of us and i stayed on longer than the captain. We got changed quickly then and went by taxi to the airport where we had a nice meal in the restaurant and then after checking in the back we had a quick game of Frisbee in the car park which was very hot. I slept a bit on the flight and then we all caught the Stansted express together.


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