Classic Quarter 07/06/2013

I was up early and met sandy at Rachelís place in Balham. We had a bit of a false start when we went back for Rachelís visor, but apart from that it was plain sailing down to the lizard we just had one stop at a greasy cafe for coffee and cake. We arrived at Rachelís eccentric campsite which had lamas and a pirate ship and myself and sandy then had a beer and checked in at the top house inn. We then went with Rachel down to the sea. We also found the start which was useful then while Rachel had her pasta myself and sandy went to the Witchball restaurant and I had a voodoo burger with hot voodoo juice and tried out the beer. After dinner we went back to the campsite and met the other people in Rachelís team. After that we went back to our hotel and had a beer which we took up to the room.
08/06/2013 Saturday
Myself and Sandy woke up a bit early due to my GPS watch deciding to beep. We got down to the start line and got registered quite early. This was just as well as it enabled us to find shelter behind the tent when the heavens opened up. We were a bit disappointed that there was no coffee or food at the start to speak of besides energy bars. We should have read the briefing. Rachel came down the start and took some pictures of us looking pretty wet and then took our bags to the bag drop. We got to the start and the rain let up for a little while as we headed along the beach. We found the going a bit muddy and slippy in places and extremely hilly. It really poured on us at one point and I wore my jumper and my waterproof. As we pushed on and the time was getting to midday we starting to experience some warm temperatures and we popped into a cafe at one point for some drinks for sandy and a milkshake for me. We got to the halfway point at 22 miles and I got some peanuts and Jaffa cakes down me. We dropped off our wet weather gear as the weather was now very warm and we set off again. Sandy started to struggle a bit as we were going through Penzance and started to overheat so we needed to stop quite A bit and we got another ice cream from a van. As we left Penzance the route got very uneven and we stopped quite a bit. Sandy would often soak his hat in a stream to cool himself down. We got to the last water station and I got Sandy some more drinks from a shop and I had an ice cream. By this time sandy was suffering from rubbing with his t shirt a chap in the crowd gave him his armless t-shirt to wear and I took his backpack for him for the last 10 miles. This seemed to help and we made better pace though we did have a point were sandy started to cramp and his feet were hurting but we got through it. As the end was in sight however we got lost and we had to be redirected by a farmer. This detour sent us through nettles but luckily I had leggings on. To get a move on I played the rocky theme twice and it got us to the line overtaking quite a few competitors. Rachel was there to meet us and we collected our medal and got our picture taken at the landsí end sign. Rachel drove us back to the lizard and we went straight to the restaurant for some beers and some ice cream in my case and Sandy had the voodoo burger I had had the night before. Rachel didn't stay up much past that but me and sandy had another beer back in our hotel. I felt remarkably well considering we had been going for nearly 13 hours.
09/06/2013 Sunday
We woke up in time for breakfast but I stayed in bed. We left at 10.30 am to meet Rachel at her campsite then walked around the town for a bit and had an ice cream, and I bought some lizard rock. We then popped along in the car to mullions cove and had a look at it. I struggled to stay awake on the way back as it was quite warm on the way back. And it was even more difficult after we stopped for lunch and I had a beer as well as a pie for lunch. We were back in London for 7pm.


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